4SiGHT Research & Analytics is the fastest growing marketing research company in Middle East. In a short time, 4SiGHT has grown quickly through repeat business and continuous investment in resources and infrastructure, showing a strong commitment to their clients in delivering trusted advisory services. We develop talent, organise people to be more effective and motivate them to perform at their best.

Our focus is on mobilizing change and helping people and organisations realise their potential. 4SiGHT brings a strong talented pool of very senior marketing insights and analytics professionals who are hands-on and lead client engagements as trusted partners. It has strong partnerships with clients across FMCG, Banking & Finance, Telecom, Real Estate, Retail, Government sector and others.



4SiGHT was founded in 2009 as a fieldwork only agency, based out of Saudi Arabia
Later in the year, partnered with Market Probe of USA for research support

Started a 5 workstation CATI centre in Riyadh



4SiGHT became an independent full-service agency in Saudi Arabia, with a focus on Banking and Telecom sector. Expanded CATI centre to 14 workstations with audio recording facility

4SiGHT expanded regionally, with their full-service office in Dubai, UAE. Opened their second branch in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Added sectors like Retail, FMCG in their portfolio. Initiated a data processing centre in India



4SiGHT founded its Qualitative research practice. Invested in Touchpads for data collection and their own NeuroLab technology, equipment and studios (Eye Tracking, Facial Recognition, Emotion Measurement, Mouse Tracking, etc)

Added new sectors: Real Estate, Public Affairs/Government to their portfolio



Added new sectors: Healthcare, Automotive to their portfolio and Dashboard capabilities

Expanded its Data Processing & Analytics Hub in India to include Madurai and Bangalore. 4SiGHT created its own Enterprise Customer Experience Management and survey platform, Survey2Connect



4SiGHT set up their offshore Knowledge Centre in India. Added new technology enabled solutions – Digital Qualitative, Online Communities, etc. Set up sector focused entity – 4SiGHT Plus

4SiGHT Drive set up to focus on Automotive and Mobility sector. Geographical expansion into Africa. 4SiGHT Africa with Hubs to handle North, East, West and South Africa



4SiGHT Africa expansion to continue

4SiGHT Business Consulting set up to focus on Business Services & B2B clients/sector.