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Inside Ramadan

Ramadan, the holy month brings with it a change in the rhythm of daily life. With activity during the long daytime hours slowing down, evenings and late nights come alive with a mix of religious, social and infotainment activities.

Apart from being a key part of the region’s religious calendar, it is a critical component of marketing and communication plans for most companies. Strategies, tactics used by marketers during the rest of the year may not apply here as consumers choose to engage & interact with categories and brands in a different way.

Understanding emerging trends in Ramadan would help marketers identify opportunities to stay ahead and gain competitive advantage.

Lots of information is available around the religious behaviour, rituals, media consumption specific to this holy month, however none available that maps the shifts the entire continuum of ‘Prior to’, ‘During’ and ‘Post’ Ramadan from the point of view of consumer consumption behaviour, attitudes, media, lifestyle, etc.

Obtaining information across phases was a unique approach to map the entire consumer journey during Ramadan/Eid. Understanding these shifts helps marketer to tailor/customized the strategies and tactics accordingly to gain the competitive advantage.

4SiGHT’s holistic research demystifies Ramadan as a Phenomenon delivering impactful insights relevant for the marketing, product development, communication & trade marketing teams.

Research of such nature had to be a dynamic, multi-pronged methodological approach - host of traditional, digital and cutting edge implicit research techniques.

A regional perspective enhances the relevance of such a research initiative targeted to equip the marketers with actionable insights.

The coverage is as follows:
KSA: Jeddah, Riyadh
UAE: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah
Egypt: Cairo, Alexandria

The target respondents for this research were fasting Muslims that represent Youth (15-25 yrs); Adult Males (25-40 yrs) and Adult Females (25-40 yrs). In KSA and Egypt, research was conducted among local Nationals, however, in UAE, in addition to Emirati Nationals, Expatriate Arabs and Asians were also covered in the research.

A mix of quantitative interviews and qualitative immersions complementing each other:

The study aims to understand shifts in consumer behaviour around the holy month of Ramadan/Eid and impact on media habits, consumption, purchase & overall attitudes in an in-depth analysis and review covering some of the following areas:

An insightful consolidated report is now ready for marketers to benefit from this holistic understanding of shift in consumer behaviour during these time periods.Contact:

Vidya Rayappa: +971-50-5587480; Vidya@4sight-global.com
Mahesh Bhaskaran: +971-52-8406000; Mahesh@4sight-global.com