4SiGHT Business Consulting

Who We Are

The Business Consulting Practice at 4SiGHT provides market research based consulting to clients operating in the B2B and industrial markets

How we do it

4SiGHT Business Consulting is a unique offer which blends the best of market research practices and answers business questions for players operating in the B2B and Industrial environments.

Based on the repository of knowledge and cultural understanding of the business environment in the Middle East region gained over the years through studying diverse sectors, 4SiGHT Business Consulting provides discerning insights for sound business decisions.

Why are we different

4SiGHT Business Consulting Practice brings access to specialist researchers catering to various industries. We combine the in-depth understanding of businesses particularly in the B2B space with a unique research offering developed to solve challenging enterprise sales and marketing problems with specialization in:

  • Technology research
  • Industrial research
  • Enterprise loyalty and satisfaction
  • Segmentation and go-to-market strategy
  • Network Planning
  • Market feasibility and other areas

Our Advisory & Insights Services


  • Industry overview & forecast
  • Product & market Feasibility
  • Demand Estimation & forecasting
  • Business planning & Market entry strategy
  • Partner evaluation
  • Competition Assessment & Account Profiling
  • Network expansion assessment

Research in vertical

  • Macro business understanding
  • Product and service positioning
  • Customer strata attractiveness
  • Market feasibility studies
  • Market sizing
  • Distribution strategy
  • Customer Experience/Mystery Audits

Practice spans over a large range of sectors

Auto & Auto components

Banking & Finance

Building & Construction Material


Fuels, Energy & Environment


Logistics & Transportation

Metal and other core industries

Telecom and ICT

…and many other sectors

Some of our case studies