Abdullah A. Alqattan

Senior Projects Executive


Abdullah has an entrepreneurial personality with 5+ years of experience in business development and leadership activities. Abdullah and the work team developed specific initiatives during his work in in public, privet sector, and NPOs.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Abdullah provided advice and guidance to more than 50 entrepreneurs through his specialization in management information systems and his work experience.

Currently, Abdullah works as senior project executive in the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and owner of the pillar of the national plan, in addition to leading the Project Management Office PMO to support project managers and provide advice and training. Abdullah won more than 5 awards in leadership and community service. Here is an interview on the Saudi Channel entitled a national achievement.

Abdullah holds a master’s degree in management information systems from Central Michigan University in the United States of America, and a bachelor’s degree in management information systems from October University for Modern Sciences in Egypt in cooperation with Middle Six University in England with honors degree.