Alexander Kostyukov

Associate Director - Insights & Business Development


Alexander Kostyukov has a professional mission to be a mediator between business and data. He works passionately in market research for over 8 years and obtained deep experience in projects across Eastern Europe, CIS, and North America regions.

Alexander is an across-of-board researcher with robust expertise in quantitative methods. For several years he headed Quantitative Department in a research agency and also held a leading role in an eCommerce company.

He managed research projects for industries: Banking, FinTech, FMCG, Healthcare, eCommerce including ePharma, Entertainment. In the portfolio, Alexander also has large-scale projects for ecosystems and Public Services of national and local levels.

The most in-depth expertise he has in Usage and Attitudes segmentation, Customer Experience (CX), concept and product testing, Social Media Listening, trackings and ad hoc research for branding and strategy.

Alexander Kostyukov is a  MA in Sociology (University of Manchester). He regularly improves his expertise through professional courses in data analysis, visualization, and soft skills.