Partner – Insights & Strategy (Africa)


Anjan Lahiri is a career researcher, richly experienced in consumer insights and business strategy, with more than 20 years of multinational experience. His experience covers a diverse geography – Asia, Middle East and Africa

Currently, Anjan is a Managing Director at 4SiGHT Plus and CEO of 4SiGHT Africa

Anjan has spent all his professional life, honing his skills in various leading market research agencies in India and the Middle East. His 17+ years stint in the Middle East has enabled a sound grasp of the prevalent socio-cultural context, thus making it possible to juxtapose such learning with core research data, thereby adding value and transforming client satisfaction to client delight. Anjan has a proven ability to turnaround market research data into marketing solutions and actionable insights, through effectively marrying multiple data sources. He is experienced in cross-industry market research, including research in FMCG, tobacco, finance and telecom sectors, enabling cross-pollination of research ideas and learning

He has presented several papers at the Middle East Beverages Congress in the past. Winner of the 2007 Research Excellence Award at TNS Middle East & Africa. He has managed large multi-country Segmentation studies, set up and managed multi-country Continuous Tracking studies, complex Pricing & Portfolio Optimization studies, apart from other tactical studies such as Product and Pack tests across multiple markets

His specialties include an ability to understand and translate marketing issues into appropriate research components / studies, demonstrating evaluative, conceptual and analytical skills, thereby distilling data interpretation into ‘actionable insights’, through clear and concise communication.