CEO - 4SiGHT Africa


Krishna K Patnaik is a passionate and well-rounded consumer insight and business strategy expert with 20 years of multinational experience. His experience covers a diverse geography – South Asia, East Asia, Middle East and Africa
Currently Krishna is the CEO of 4SiGHT Africa

Krishna has spent 10 years with multinational Research agencies and the last 10 years in corporate CI functions. He has travelled, implemented research programs, conducted commercial strategy workshops, participated in business plan and delivered strategy for over 30 market across Asia, Middle east and Africa

During his agency days he presented multiple papers in ESOMAR global research conferences – his subjects of interest include motivational research, branding and semiotics. Aided in conducting disruptive workshop for business entry into Africa to a selected global business leader, Semiotics session applied to alter brand architectures for global brands, Sales and consumer engagement sessions for local markets, Commercial strategy sessions among regional and local cross functional teams

Krishna has pioneered and implemented many methodologies – New market entry, Trends research, Motivational & Identity research, Semiotics, RoI, Engagement effectiveness. Has managed large Segmentation, Trackers, Retail audit, Test market, New product Launch, Product and Pack tests across multiple markets.

He set up the Africa Research Cluster for PMI and aided PMI’s entry into SSA markets. During that time, he was part of marketing think-tank along with the Regional marketing heads, EEMA Marketing, Sales and Brand leads.