Mohamed Ismail

Director - Insights


Mohamed Ismail has 15+ years of experience across UAE, GCC and MENA region. His journey spans through different positions and various roles conducting projects across multi sectors including, but not limited to, FMCG, Durables, Media, Financial Services, Automotive, IT, Telecom industries, Government Sector and Public Communities.

Exploring various roles in the Market Research industry has provided Ismail with extensive experience of operational and executive aspects and tactics across both Quantitative and Qualitative studies. Accordingly, he has wide exposure and in-depth understanding of different consumer insights generation techniques which is boosting his analytical abilities and interpretation skills.

His outspoken experience is focused in stakeholder happiness studies (i.e., customers, partners, employees, suppliers, etc.), opinion polls, awareness and perceptions, community and quality of life as well as measurement of customer’s journey experience across the Governmental and Public Sector. And through his career path, Ismail led vast number of large-scale projects across local entities and federal entities as well as large tracking studies within multi-countries in GCC and MENA.

He is flexible and dynamic to adapt and respond to changing conditions, modifying behavior and work style wherever it is necessary.