Muhammed Raafat

Manager - Insights


Muhammed Raafat has experience of market research in both primary (Quantitative and Qualitative) and secondary research across both Governmental and other entities in the gulf area, especially UAE.

He has conducted studies for 30+ big local and federal entities in the UAE including, stakeholder happiness studies such as (customers, partners, employees, and suppliers), awareness and perceptions, community and measurement of customer’s journey experience across the Governmental entities as well as KSA governmental entities along with private sector studies.

Raafat has done various types of research and studies for the big 5 consultancy companies and has worked with knowledge analysts and researchers, through secondary research in all industries on global level. Which gave him diversified skills and experience across research techniques, quantitative research, secondary research, rapid research, and qualitative research including customers satisfaction, employee’s satisfaction, campaign evaluation, mystery shopping, company profiles, industry profiles, benchmarking, market landscape, competitive intelligence, and product evaluation.