Pranay Bhandari

Senior Director - Insights


Pranay has around 13 years of experience working as a Qualitative Researcher across markets like India , Middle East, South-East Asia and Europe. He has extensively worked on areas of Concept and Idea development, Segmentation, Innovation, Brand strategy, User Experience and Exploratory projects.

He has extensively worked on categories like Telecom, Technology, Tobacco, BFSI,  Automotive and FMCG. He has special interest in learning and imbibing new age technologies in Qualitative research.

He describes himself as a Storyteller and has a keen interest in learning technology based domains of research like UX research and design. He is a well rounded professional, who started his career in advertising, before falling in love with Qualitative research.

An avid Chess player and a true MMA lover. Pranay harbors a dream of opening a Martial Arts academy one day!