Shraddha Ganesh

Manager - Insights


Shraddha, a passionate people enthusiast, has been working in the domains of qualitative research and brand strategy for the past decade. ​

​She has a commendable understanding of human emotions and how they impact decisions. She has worked across age brackets and economic strata with a specialisation in cultural understanding. Type of projects handled include laymen’s attitude towards financial literacy, evolving relevance of decor in Indian homes, stalled growth of the gaming sector in India, rise of the Indian OTT, etc.​

​Additionally, she has worked on multiple projects in growing & evolving categories such as Women hygiene, Travel, Communication, Insurance, Wellness, Home Decor, Real Estate, Shopping, etc. Besides, she also has worked with a few brands to understand future communication policies set by the authorities, giving her a glimpse of the youth expectations across the nation.​

​With her varied experience in qualitative insight mining and her passion of intently acknowledging human emotions, she aids businesses build a relationship with their customers and truly cater to their stated and unstated needs through human-centred research & strategy.​

A true story seeker who tries her best to be environmentally sustainable. Shraddha dreams of farming for a living some day.