“This research is very timely and actionable. . It is helping us an organization raise our orientation on service quality. Also, it’s very insightful in understanding the improvement areas and minimize the attrition.”

Leading Global Insurance Brokers Company

“The findings have been very well received with the management, and the research result is enlightening for us. Please extent my gratitude to your team for the support on this project. It was a great journey and hopefully we will continue to engage again.”

Leading Oil & Gas Company

“The insights teams helped drive organisational change and make customer experience salient among frontline staff. They are not just professionals but true partners.”

Leading Global Automotive Company

“The presentation was very well received internally and added lot of value as one of the important elements of a broader Customer Experience evaluation process within the client company”

Leading Local Bank

“The study helped us in getting a clear sense of current brand equity – both from stakeholders and Customers point of view – and was very helpful in evaluating our last TVC campaign which was very successful on social media “

Regional Perfume Company

“The research outcomes were very insightful for us as it helped us validate some of our hypotheses regarding gamers in KSA and allowed us to focus on developing the right offers and features to attract gamers towards using more of our services”

Local Telecom Company

“Thank you and the team for your efforts and the prompt support throughout the study. We also hope to work with the team in future.”

Leading Properties Company

“The presentation was very well received by the team and we got quite of lot from the study. Thank you for an insightful and focused presentation”

International Snacking & Confectionary client

“Many thanks for the presentation today.  As usual, some great insights to drive the business further. I really enjoyed reading your presentation, and think we have a strong angle on making life easier – better, through versatility across key occasions with our products offerings”

Regional Food Company

“The Ramadan presentation big picture elements are good. Implications section is strong too. Excellent – really appreciated”

International Dairy client