Who We Are

4SiGHT Drive is the Automotive and Mobility research division of 4SiGHT. We are a team of experts with over decade of individual experience of managing automotive and mobility work in the Middle East, India, Africa and Far East region (list of markets). We are the only agency to offer one stop expertise across the key research and intelligence functions of Insights, marketing, customer relations and after sales.

What do we stand for

Our goal is to deliver a real understanding of the issues that impact the business at every customer touch point and transactions with stakeholders across the the value chain to enable our clients to realize their business objectives and growth.

Why are we different

We use a range of innovative methodologies to collect relevant information from customers along their journey or to better understand the evolving needs of EV and HEV (Electric & Hybrid) vehicles, Connected vehicles and Shared Mobility.
Our expertise in the area of customer experience, vehicle, spares and service pricing, is unparalleled in the industry. We provide innovative solutions like UX/UI, Crowdsourcing, Social media analytics, neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence, leveraging experts in these field but overlayed with the sectoral expertise and insights to deliver growth insights.
4SiGHT provides a real understanding of the issues that impact the business for OEM, Dealers, Mobility service providers across their customer touch points and their distribution network.
We have real understanding of the issues faced by OEM, product planning, dealers, customer facing people to create relevant solutions that meets the needs of all divisions in the organization

Delivering Client Impact

We enable 3S dealership to transition to 4S dealerships, i.e. with Sales/Service/Spares supported by Survey. We have moved dealership from 4th rank in service excellence to #1 or #2 in most markets by embedding our CX programme in all areas of the organization and helped brands double the conversion of positive product ratings into purchase consideration.
We have helped Dealers and OEMs to grow sales through better pricing, tactical promotions and improve margins through feature optimization as well as respond to competitive pricing strategies to protect share. Our clients have gained share in a declining market as a result of our insights.
Our aftersales pricing insights helped to reduce the cost of ownership and double the perception of low cost of ownership over 5 years.
Don’t believe us? Have the conversation with 4SiGHT Drive to experience our expertise.

Our Solutions

Our Suite of services and solutions for all stages of the product lifecycle and drive organization growth and margin

Retail Customer

Customer Experience, Service Excellence, Voice of Customer, Segmentation, Ethnography
Source of New Vehicle Sales: Loyal Customers, Conquest Customers, First Time Buyers

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Our expertise lies in working with OEMs to drive organizational growth and to help OEMs improve their competitive standing to #1 position over years in markets that matter the most though innovation, technology and expertise in capturing the voice of customer (VOC) in moments along the journey that matter the most. Using a variety of methodologies from Mystery Audit, VOC Programme, Complaint management and Dealer events, we bring it together to drive customer centricity with clear priorities for the OEM and Dealership.

Brand Growth

Brand Positioning
Brand Health Monitor
Brand Equity

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Our solutions are uniquely focused to measure and track key metrics of the brand funnel. However, no brand health and equity study in isolation can provide the complete understanding of the dynamics shaping your funnel compared to competition, 4SiGHT fills this gap by providing a more holistic perspective from other syndicated work and on ground understanding of tactical and promotional offers, shaping the conversion from product liking to purchase consideration. We will provide you the specific expertise to shape all elements from brand, dealer, product, pricing and aftersales embellished with cultural and mobility trends, with clear recommendations for the OEM and dealership to capitalize on growth opportunities.

Product Development

Car Clinic Static & Dynamic
Conjoint Analyses, Feature Optimization Innovation, Connected Vehicle
Feature Configurator

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We have capabilities to evaluate and test prototypes and new launch vehicles though static and dynamic car clinics. Depending on the stage of the innovation process and feasibility of on ground availability of the product, we offer solutions that use finished products, CAD design and 3D Virtual image or even 2D Photographs as stimulus when situation demands.
Our solutions help understand or define idea, design, prototype refinement, positioning, pricing and feature configuration, for new and existing vehicle models.

Fleet Customer

ROI Measurement
Fleet / B2B Customer Satisfaction
Purchase & Replacement Process

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Fleet sales typically consist of sales of vehicles to government agencies, corporations, utility companies, SMEs and rental car agencies through discounted/preferential pricing or buy back deals which highlights the adage of “sell fleet and earn retail”. Although fleet sales can be loss making sometimes, they are highly critical for Dealers to manage inventory and OEMs to keep the factories running, often it has also helped to build reliability and durability perception for some vehicles.
4SiGHT provide capabilities to identify critical factors taken into consideration by different segments of fleet customers. Comparison of ROI between vehicle models for fleet operator’s business, Fleet / B2B customer satisfaction, Fleet purchase decision making process & Fleet replacement process.

Pricing Strategy

Vehicle Pricing
Spare Parts Pricing
Periodic Maintenance Pricing
Total Cost of Ownership &
Residual Value

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We are in an era of unprecedented uncertainty in the changing world of mobility. With increasing competition, customers want it cheaper and feature laden and we provide insights into understanding customer value associated with features to improve margins, feature configuration to create more value and identify new trims to grow sales.
Our unique transaction pricing tools and dashboards delivers regular feedback on competitive pricing and strategy, promotions to make quick informed decisions and rationalize offers for improving sales.
With new age mobility services, ownership has taken a backseat and shift in focus to leveraging the existing car parc though better parts and service pricing has grown, and Covid-19 has accelerated this transition. 4SiGHT teams has been providing after sales research services to the industry for the last 10 years

Advertising Research

Advertisement Evaluation
Activation Impact Measurement
Variable Marketing Competitive Insights

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We have capabilities to evaluate and test advertising story boards, concepts and tag lines. In-depth diagnostics of advertising storyboard is conducted by our in-house native language qualitative researcher and moderators. Our survey tools are adept for quantitative evaluation be it an image or in video format.
4SiGHT NeuroLab & Behavioural Science department is a one-stop solution for eye tracking, EEG, emotions measurement and mouse tracking. This helps in identifying differences between two concepts that lies in customer subconscious.

Dealer Audit

Mystery Shopping
Network Development
Store Performance
Sales and Service excellence
Dealer experience

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Customer service failure is a leading cause for churn, the three main reasons why customers leave: 1. Because they received a better offer from a competitor 2. Because they are dissatisfied with the value for money and 3. Because they are dissatisfied with the service. Dealers are mandated to follow customer engagement SOPs as per OEM recommended standards. To consistently deliver at a high level, frontline staff and sales teams need guidance and support based on appropriate service standards.
4SiGHT Dealer Audit program provides an objective and comprehensive view of actual service delivery based on pre-defined standards. Specially trained evaluators or real customers act as our clients’ eyes and ears. Our evaluation system covers topline KPIs and detailed performance measures based on your business needs. This can be done across customer touch points: Website, Phone and Visit.

New Age Research

ACES Middle East Monitor
(Autonomous | Connected | Electric | Shared)
NeuroLab (Communication Testing)
Virtual Clinic (Social Media Listening)
Survey2Connect (Real Time CX Monitor)
UX/UI for apps and websites
Social Media Analytics & Crowdsourcing

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At 4SiGHT we are constantly evolving and always endeavor to stay ahead of the innovation curve in market research industry. Our in-house capabilities of Social Insights, NeuroLab & Behavioural Science, Virtual Clinic, Crowdsourcing, UI/UX testing are testimonial of our efforts in this direction. For example, our Social Insights solution comes with following features:

    • A.I. Capabilities that can detect and analyze accurately English and Arabic (native language) sentiments across different dialects
    • Our native language speaking qualitative research experts review and analyze social media conversations to glean actionable insights.
    • Diversity Of Insights’ Professionals with deep cultural, consumer and market understanding across Middle East and Africa
    • Partnering With Best Tools In the region with ability to generate 24/7 dashboard.
    • Ability to detect and assess the influencers across verticals