Online surveys / digital surveys are a great way to reach and engage with your internal and external target audience – reach them fast, cost-effective and get real-time results to make timely and actionable decisions that impacts your business. It is important to use innovative customer experience centric digital platforms to investigate your business challenges, analyze and explore viable solutions, and devise ground-breaking strategies.

4SiGHT used Survey2Connect, a versatile digital platform to manage their client’s on-field and off-field research activities. It helps minimize manual errors and process lags by digitally capturing, analyzing, and reporting data. It helps identify data trends with AI-enabled analytics tools and generate data insights that are impossible to form manually.

The time needed to complete an online survey project is on average two-thirds shorter than that of traditional face-to-face methodologies. Online marketing experts say that more than half of responses are received within the first three days of the research project.


Online Survey – Benefits

Using online surveys is efficient and helps optimize budgets for clients. Responses are processed automatically, and the results are accessible at any time. The online survey responses are more accurate as the margin of error is greatly reduced as participants enter their responses directly into the system.

Online surveys are easy to use for participants – majority of consumers now have access to the Internet, participants can pick a moment that suits them best and the time needed to complete the survey is much shorter. Surveys are designed beautifully, gamified with intuitive UI/UX and are branded if required with client themes and brand guidelines to personalize the experience for their target audience. This helps in increasing the survey response rates and engagement with the target audience.

Even for researchers, online surveys help increase their productivity by saving time. Data is instantly available and can easily be transferred into specialised statistical software when more detailed analysis is needed.