At 4SiGHT, we believe a happy work environment helps bring out the best in you. The feeling you get when you accomplish goals should be acknowledged by more than an email. It must be celebrated. At 4SiGHT, we celebrate birthdays, go for outings with families, annual retreats, play together, celebrate festivals and give ourselves more of such occasions to have fun.


Recognizing success together – every year we gather to celebrate success and outstanding achievement of our Achievers. 4SiGHT Achiever is one whose contribution makes a significant impact in the company’s business, expertise, engagement, efficiency or economy.


Training and development, particularly to support ongoing career aspirations, is very motivating for team members. We provide this opportunity in many forms – from on-the-job training, coaching, participating in a specific programme or taking up an individual course leveraging their allotted individualized training budget…a holistic learning environment.