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4SiGHT has market research solutions for every stage of your business. Whether it’s a new market, new product, new segment or a new brand. Whether you want to grow or you want to consolidate. 4SiGHT research solutions will meet all your market research needs at every stage of your business.

We have divided our research solutions into four areas of expertise based on the research needs of our clients

Success of companies depend on how well they know their markets and changing consumer behavior. Any questions that a marketing manager or a business owner has about their market or customers behaviour, usage, perception etc.Consumer & Market understanding has always been at the core of our philosophy in delivering winning strategies to our clients. When market understanding gets embedded into consumer research it can lend a completely different perspective to survey data thereby impacting growth recommendations. Our expertise across categories, sectors and markets using a multitude of research approaches is unparalleled.

4SiGHT solutions help companies understand their markets and consumers better



How do clients benefit from our Market and Consumer Understanding solutions?


The category and opportunities - Creating a strong foundation of knowledge of the category, its consumers, and existing brands


New brand assets using actionable recommendations - Portfolio management– identifying opportunities for innovation and repositioning


Bring the insights to commercial life. Driving revenue by increasing spend from existing customers or by identifying high-potential new customers or purchase occasions

In today’s fragmented marketing environment, it is harder than ever to launch successful innovations. There are several criteria that lead to successful products, some of them are shown in image below. Innovation isn’t important unless you want your business to survive. However, out of every 100 new consumer products that come to market 80% to 90% fail. This results in retiring innovations from the market in only 12 months after market launch. Marketers and Business owners are looking for options that help in minimizing the risk of failure and increase the probability of a successful launch of new products and services.

4SiGHT solutions help companies to innovate, develop and launch successful products

  • Idea Generation Research
  • Product Benchmarking Research
  • Proposition Development Research
  • Shelf Stand-out Research
  • Pricing Research (PSM)(Choice Modeling)
  • Idea Screening Research
  • Product Preference Research
  • Concept Evaluation Research
  • Packaging Evaluation Research
  • Volume Estimation (STM)Research
  • Post-launch Tracking Research
  • How do clients benefit from our Innovation and Product Development solutions?


    KPIs vs Norms Product Delivery vs Expectations


    Purchase Drivers Concept-Product Synergy


    Further Product Improvement Collate Category Learning

    Brand equity is what helps client to secure their future. Strong brands have been found to be more resilient to downturn or adverse market conditions and have bounced back. Synergy between consumer behavior and consumer attitude ensures success for brands and helps build powerful brands. We believe a brand is a promise made to customers and it incorporates more than just tangible features and benefits warped in the form of products and services. It also includes the feelings that consumers get when they use it and the personality that is projected. Brands are built by consumers, not companies. Ultimately, it’s the way consumers perceive a brand that defines it.

    4SiGHT suite of BRAND and COMMUNICATIONS solutions help clients in managing their brands effectively

    How do clients benefit from our Brand and Communication solutions?


    Encompasses various facets that eventually drive power of a brand


    Precisely pin-point where to focus marketing spends – emotional, functional, image or behavioural brand space


    Simple framework rooted in fundamentals of Brand Building and Brand Development


    Provides a dynamic insight into the future direction of brands in a category

    It’s well known that loyal customers have a more profitable relationship with an organization. And, for building a loyal customer base, it is imperative for an organization to manage every interaction with customers in a manner that is most satisfying for the customer.

    Customer Experience for a company (Brand) is a sum total of all interactions a customer has with its People, Products, Process, Price and Place.Positive customer experience leads to Profitable customer relationship.

    Positive customer experience leads to Profitable customer relationship.

    Measures the overall business units score. This is useful to track competitive scores, and drive overall improvement.

    Measures experience at touch points and is very useful (when used correctly) in identifying what factors drive customer experience. It allows clients to make changes to its process and service delivery mechanisms to lift customer experience.

    How do clients benefit from our Customer Experience Management solution?

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